Student Absences

School Absences


Unanticipated Daily Absences: To report a daily absence, please call the office by 8am. Let the office know the reason for the absence, 

  • COVID Related
  • Other illness
  • An appointment with a health professional that must be made during the regular school day;
  • Observance of a recognized religious holiday when the observance is required during the regular school day;
  • A family emergency;
  • Unplanned education disruption resulting from homelessness, unplanned psychiatric hospitalization, unplanned hospitalization for a medical emergency, foster care placement, youth development placement


Planned absences for a personal or educational purpose that has been approved

Please fill out the Family Travel – Planned Absence Form at least a week prior to the planned absence and submit to the office.  Your child’s teacher will put together an instructional plan for the absence.  You may also call the office with your planned absence information and we will get the process started for you. 


Illness at School 

If your child is sent home with symptoms that are low risk or higher-risk symptoms of COVID - 19, the following form will be sent home with you. It specifies follow-up that families may need to do prior to the student's return.  Health Dismissal Form