Walk Across America

CCS Walks Across America
Posted on 11/08/2021
Map of steps walked

Thanks to a grant from the Georges River Educational Foundation (GREF), we have launched a year-long project to promote walking and exercise and learn about U.S Geography. On October 14 we began to count our steps with a goal of 10 million steps, enough (at 2500 steps per mile) to walk approximately 3800 miles across the U.S.  Specifically, our students and staff are now working toward a goal of reaching the “other” Portland in Oregon. 

The GREF grant allowed us to purchase pedometers for all students and staff, a giant map for the hallway to track progress, and a U.S. atlas for every student.  A small “captain” is moved across the hallway map to show where we currently are on our journey and updates on the daily Morning Messages highlight information about the states we are currently in or moving through. As of today (October  22) we have already been through eight states and are now near the Pennsylvania/ Ohio border.