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At Cushing Community School we work together to create an engaged community where students grow to be confident, motivated learners who are proud of what they do and believe that perseverance matters.





 Home of the Cushing Captains

Here at Cushing Community School we work hard to engage students in their own learning. We call that being a “Cushing Captain.” 

As each student finds and navigates their own learning journey, we foster the habits of hard work, working together, and persevering when things are hard. After all, things are usually hard before they are easy, we tell them, and effort and practice help us learn.

To learn more about our work to foster student ownership, please watch our Captain’s video, highlighting some of our Captains and their journeys.

Principal: Dawn Jones

Administrative Assistant: Carla Myrick


54 Cross Road, Cushing, Maine 04563


Telephone: (207) 354-2312


Fax: (207)354-0014


 E-mail: [email protected], [email protected]





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